New printer and apostrophes with ID documents (2.02 or 3.0) 
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 New printer and apostrophes with ID documents (2.02 or 3.0)


I went through the search and found this:

"If you're using InDesign, you can also check "download PPD fonts" in the print settings.

If you're a little more technical, you can edit your PPD file itself to remove all font references except Courier. Then reinstall the PPD for the printer. This will force all fonts (except Courier) to always download. Not a bad thing in most environments, and removes printer vs. computer font matching issues."

1) Where is "download PPD fonts" in the print settings.

2) The printer prints apostrophes from textEdit but not from InDesign 2.02 or 3.0

The final cure at the bottom sounds perfect but where is the PPD file and where does one find the the PPD to reinstall?


Wed, 17 May 2006 06:07:09 GMT
 New printer and apostrophes with ID documents (2.02 or 3.0)

      1) Where is "download PPD fonts" in the print settings

In the Graphics panel of the Print dialog box. Your choices in IDCS are none, subset and complete. "Complete" ensures all the fonts are downloaded to the printer.

The PPDs are located in different places in different OSes. In Panther, for example, you would look in Library/printers/PPDs/ and a couple of deeper. Try searching on .ppd which may find you the ppd location in other versions of the OS.


Wed, 17 May 2006 07:19:02 GMT
 New printer and apostrophes with ID documents (2.02 or 3.0)

I've been trying to print apostrophes. I checked "complete" in ID2.0.2 and the apostrophe still won't print from an ID document. Library>Printers only has the pictures of printers to bring up the printer job panel.

I'm thinking TextEdit, which results in a printed apostrophy from Times in a different folder, uses fonts from the system folder.

What would happen if I trashed the Times fonts in all the other locations? Or is there a way to map the printer to that file?


Wed, 17 May 2006 07:58:33 GMT
 New printer and apostrophes with ID documents (2.02 or 3.0)
My next guess is that you have a font conflict causing the problems, something InDesign is particularly vulnerable to.

It may be that TextEdit is picking the System X's dfont while InDesign is trying to pick another version. Best bet is to get rid of the dfonts when you have legitimate substitutes available (some programs, especially from Apple, require that certain fonts, such as Helvetica be available. They don't have to be the dfont versions, but some version must be available or the programs won't run). I got rid of the Helvetica dfonts years ago, but I always run the Adobe version of Helvetica and haven't had any problems. There are technical notes on the subject of font management under X from both Apple and Adobe, still available, I suspect, on their respective Web sites.

I'd get rid of any duplication in fonts, always preferring "regular" PostScript or OpenType fonts (or even legitimate TT fonts) over dfonts.

By the way, what version of the operating system are you running?

In addition, there is a version of Microsoft's distributed Times font (and Arial as well) that displays just such a problem when printed on a Mac. (Microsoft posted replacement fonts on its Web site a couple of years ago, and I suspect they are still there).


Wed, 17 May 2006 19:36:41 GMT
 New printer and apostrophes with ID documents (2.02 or 3.0)
Thanks a million, Don!

All I had to do was throw away the illegitimate apple font and things worked perfect. I am beginning to see why none of my Adobe fonts make it to the HP printer accurately. I have a new printer, new OS, and the new ID 3; all three new at the same time left me without the ability to see what made things change.

On top of that I was testing the ALAP imposition beta and it expired, leaving plug-in data vestiges in the files I haven't successfully eliminated. The result is that double clicking an ID file results in "can't open", while command open works fine; except that the file must be saved all over again through the screen pop-up ahen using command s.

I'm using OS 10.3.1 and am quite happy. The bugs on this X version are small and few, slightly annoying rather than disfunctional.

Though, I checked spelling before posting, without the dfont the screen image looks like my attempts to print Adobe fonts.

Thanks again,


Wed, 17 May 2006 22:37:26 GMT
 New printer and apostrophes with ID documents (2.02 or 3.0)

      All I had to do was throw away the illegitimate apple font and things
      worked perfect.

Calling the Apple .dfont "illegitimate" seems a bit harsh. It's as legitimate as the next font, just not doing quite what you might have thought...

A very handy document to better understand fonts in Mac OS X, and geared specifically toward creative users can be found at:

Wed, 17 May 2006 23:38:46 GMT
 New printer and apostrophes with ID documents (2.02 or 3.0)
You are right, Peter. Don referred to "legitimate fonts" and I was a little harsh. Apple is a great computer and 10.3.1 is a great OS. I have a new HP printer and it won't duplex print, new OS, and new InDesign; plus new beta imposition software. All these news have been a bit of a getting used to and have created a mountain of work (many long days).

Thanks for spotting and calling me on the gritted teeth of my irritation with my great Mac.


PS> The PDF can't come through without corruption.

Thu, 18 May 2006 03:59:22 GMT
 New printer and apostrophes with ID documents (2.02 or 3.0)
By saying you needed "legitimate substitutes available," I meant not that dfonts are illegitimate -- they're not -- but that if you remove dfonts such as Helvetica, apps such as Apple's that require the Helvetica fonts -- and normally access Helvetica.dfont -- need to have available a Helvetica font that is recognized as a "Helvetica," i.e., a legitimate Helvetica font.

There is one drawback to dfonts, compared with, say, Type 1 PostScript fonts: If you are packaging InDesign packages that will be output at a printer or service bureau that is still running on OS 9 -- which many of them still are -- they will not be able to use the packaged dfonts. They are for OS X use only.

Other than that, they work fine, including being used in PDFs (in which case they will output on OS 9 systems).


Thu, 18 May 2006 12:01:04 GMT
 New printer and apostrophes with ID documents (2.02 or 3.0)
Thanks Don,

It worked. I did toss out the times .dfont and recopy chapters back in and out of TextEdit, so they're saved using a different font. The .dfont worked fine with the Apple software and HP but not with Adobe's Creative Suite in between. One odd thing is now Apple Myungjo keeps trying to fill in things like when I'm working in ID.

I probally will have more controllable results using SimpleText with InDesign. That's what I did with PageMaker; accent marks etc don't go back and forth too well between ID and TextEdit.

I use Times exclusevly because it always worked. I like the Adobe fonts but don't seem to have any ability figuring out how to make them work consistently.

Thanks again,


Fri, 19 May 2006 12:44:05 GMT
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